2013 in Edwards Gardens


was a great year for bloom in the rhododendron beds at Edwards Gardens – magnolias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas – all were full of flowers.

Most of our volunteer hours this season went into the renovation of a bed on the lower level. Last fall Parks organized the removal of the last of the dead trees and we began the clearing & cleaning of the space.  This year we removed weed trees & shrubs and pruned & shaped the rest.  The drainage ditch behind the bed was cleared & extended – good drainage is crucial to success with rhodos.  The line of a woodchip path behind the bed was set out.  A great group of daffodils were planted for a good show for next spring.  Once they have bloomed, work will begin on building a raised bed to fill with elepidotes that will in time grow to be as impressive as our oldest plantings.

In addition we planted more deciduous azaleas and perennial groundcovers and pulled many, many weeds.  The bud count is not as good this year as last but there will still be lots of bloom in 2014.




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