The following information are from Toronto Public Library

Rhododendrons & azaleas : a colour guide

by Cox, Kenneth N. E. (Kenneth Nicolas Evan), 1964-

Year/Format: 2005, Book, 240 p.

Success with rhododendrons and azaleas

Rev. ed. 
by Reiley, H. Edward.

Year/Format: 2004, Book, 284 p.

Hardy rhododendron species : a guide to identification

by Cullen, J. (James)

Year/Format: 2005, Book, 496 p.

Pocket guide to rhododendron species : based on the descriptions by H.H. Davidian

by McQuire, J. F. J. (John F. J.)

Contributors: Davidian, H. H. ; Robinson, M. L. A.

Year/Format: 2009, Book, x, 692 p.

Rhododendrons & azaleas

by Bryant, Geoff.
Year/Format: 2001, Book, 96 p.

Ortho’s all about azaleas, camellias & rhododendrons

1st ed. 

by Reiley, H. Edward.
Year/Format: 2001, Book, 96 p.



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