Ken Duncan Tree Planting Ceremony

On Sunday, September 29th, 2010, at 1:30 p.m.

members of the Toronto Regional Rhododendron & Horticultural Society gathered in Edwards Gardens to plant a Magnolia Sunsation tree in memory of Kenneth Erskine Duncan who

passed away on June 6 , 2010. The Magnolia Sunsation was chosen because the magnolia was Ken’s favourite tree and yellow was his favourite blooming plant colour.   David Hinton made a presentation at the planting site highlighting the part that Ken played in developing and maintaining many areas in the Edwards Gardens and also pointed out Ken’s many contributions to the Canadian and Toronto Rhododendron Societies.

The portion of the Edwards Gardens where the magnolia was planted is known as The Ken Duncan Rhododendron Dell

and will continue to be developed and maintained by the Toronto Regional Rhododendron and Horticultural Society. Following the tree planting, the members adjourned to the Toronto Botanical Garden to attend



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