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Ericaceae, the heath family or the heather family is a plant family, comprising mostly calcifuge (lime-hating) plants that thrive in acidic soils. Many well-known plants of the Ericaceae live in temperate climates, such as cranberry,blueberry, various heaths and heathers (EricaCassiopeDaboeciaCalluna vulgaris etc), huckleberryazalea and rhododendron. However, the family also contains many tropical species.

The Rhododendron is a genus characterized by shrubs and small to (rarely) large trees, the smallest species growing to 10–100 cm tall, and the largest, R. giganteum, reported to over 30 m tall.[1] The leaves are spirally arranged; leaf size can range from 1–2 cm to over 50 cm, exceptionally 100 cm in R. sinogrande. They may be either evergreen ordeciduous. In some species the underside of the leaves is covered with scales (lepidote) or hairs (indumentum). Some of the best known species are noted for their many clusters of large flowers. There are alpine species with small flowers and small leaves, and tropical species such as section Vireya that often grow as epiphytes.

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Rhododendron Society of Canada
Toronto Chapter
(Toronto Ontario   USDA Zone 5 )

Plant descriptions (Elepidotes and Lepidotes)
Plant descriptions (Deciduous and Evergreen Azaleas)

Information are from ARS Website

Elepidotes Lepidotes
‘Bessie Howells’
‘Catawbiense Album’
‘Catawbiense Boursault’
‘English Roseum’
‘Helsinki University’
‘Janet Blair’
‘Ken Janeck’
‘Lee’s Dark Purple’
‘Nova Zembla’
‘Parson’s Gloriosum’
‘Party Pink’
‘Purpureum Elegans’
‘Roseum Elegans’
‘Roseum Superbum’
R. brachycarpum Tigerstedtii
R. smirnowii
‘April Gem’
‘April Rose’
‘Karin Seleger’
‘Olga Mezitt’
‘Purple Gem’
‘Weston’s Aglo’
‘Weston’s Pink Diamond’
PJM Group
R. dauricum
R. minus var. minus Carolinianum Group
R. mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’
Deciduous Azaleas Evergreen Azaleas
‘Irene Koster’
‘Mandarin Lights’
‘Orchid Lights’
‘Rosy Lights’
‘Strawberry Ice’
‘White Lights’
R. schlippenbachii
‘Al’s Picotee’
‘Elsie Lee’
‘Girard’s Hot Shot’
‘Girard’s Variegated Hot Shot’
‘Helen Curtis’
‘James Gable’
‘Purple Splendor’
R. kiusianum var. kiusianum




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