Wolfegang Bonhom – The Gardens of British Columbia – Rhodos, Mosses and Mountains – Oh My!

March 22nd, 2015. 2PM. Toronto Botanical Garden

Wolfegang Bonham’s

obsession with gardening began with a few plants in front of his jewelry business more than 10 years ago.  Formal studies in   landscape design and horticulture, and practical experience in the trade    complemented his obsession and led him to open his business Peace, Love, and Landscaping in 2006. To attend his lectures is to appreciate his sense of design, originality and aesthetics, not only in his creative works but equally in his photography. Wolfegang writes that “when he’s not gardening (which is very rare) he can usually be found restoring vintage motorcycles, backpacking or hiking, or traveling to exotic locations (and seeing the Botanical Gardens while he’s there of course!)”.

Please join us for a visit to British Columbia gardens, through Wolfegang’s eyes!

All are welcome; do come a bit early and chat with our enthusiastic members.





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